10 Things We Learned Behind the Wheel of a Freightliner

10 Things We Learned Behind the Wheel of a Freightliner

Its been a year and a half of trucking around Eastern Ontario with Jolene. Here are some little pieces of knowledge we have picked up along the way: 

1)    You take up more space than you think do (watch out curbs)

2)    The seats have shock absorbers, and every little bump you hit on the road means a bounce in the truck!

3)    When you back up the truck, very loud beeping noise ensues (it’s a good thing though!) 

4)    Diesel trucks are extremely loud to be in and outside of. Also, no radio means that you can either have “shouting conversations” or be completely alone with your thoughts…

5)    Shiny chrome rims make all the difference “Nice Rims!”, says every man ever who walks by the truck…. 

6)    A 24’ pink truck is an unusual thing to see travelling down the road – expect stares from pedestrians and drivers alike 

7)    … But you instantly feel more badass driving it 

8)    Lifting out heavy stairs and a 3000W generator is a lot of work - so is finding someone to help us with it at each event we go to

9)    Most stressful part of having a fashion truck: Parking in tight places. Always travel with a partner who can help you parallel park and avoid crashing into things

10) Bungee cords = best friends. Strap everything down! A loud crash coming from the back while driving is never a comforting sound

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Rhianna Hawk
Rhianna Hawk

November 13, 2018

I’m planning to start up with a new Freightliner company that’s going to be buying all-new freightliners, and I’m pretty excited. Your tip on getting chrome tips is great and very funny; I’ll make sure to keep mine well polished if I go the trucking route. Luckily, I’ll just be driving freight rather than a fashion truck, so I won’t have to worry about the stares you mentioned as much, though I’ll definitely take your advice to heart, especially getting bungee cords.

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