The Loft Girls Story

Niki and Claire of The Loft Girls Truck


The Loft Girls started when Niki and Claire - friends and loft neighbours – decided to merge their entrepreneurial streak and love for fashion into a business. The girls wanted to do something unique and special, and so the idea of a fashion truck came to fruition.

Claire completed a degree in English and Education, and went on to teach high school art, fashion and English for 7 years. At this point she decided to pursue her entrepreneurial passions and launched her business “The Claire Closet”, where she and her team use eco-fashion and creativity to empower young girls.

Claire’s own style is always interesting. She loves thrifting and has an eye for unique vintage pieces. Claire is interested in eco-fashion and upcycled clothing. She has an outfit for everything – whether it is a music festival or a public speaking event and anything in between!


Niki graduated from York University with a degree in Communication Studies and Professional Writing. After months of traveling she returned to Kingston to put down roots. She has a background in Food Truck manufacturing and a passion for aesthetics.

Niki’s personal style always airs on the casual side. She loves mixing high end and low pieces and often incorporates sports wear into her every day looks.  She is inspired by Rihanna and industrial wear.