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When we are working in our lil pink fashion truck, a lot of people ask us: “Where do you get your clothing from? Claire and I have a little laugh over this, because we are asked this very question so much that we switch the answer up a bit to keep it interesting. The short and the long of it is though, we get all our unique items everywhere we go: Individual consignors, second hand stores, local designers.

Twice in the past 30 days, I’ve been in Florida, scooping up beautiful designer items from various consignors. Items so lovely that I have internal arguments with myself not to keep these items in my closet.  Burberry t-shirts, Stuart Weitzman shoes, and locally designed pieces that are super fresh in Kingston.

If you find yourself in the Sunshine State, take some time to check out a few of our favourite (affordable) consignment boutiques  -

Fifi’s - You can find Fifi’s all over Florida. You can find everything from The Gap to Gucci here, and at amazing prices. They almost always  have huge sales throughout the store, and the selection is very well organized and clean. I have never walked out of this place empty handed, no matter which location I go to.

Beautiful You Boutique -  Picture walking into the most fabulous closet you can imagine, and you have Beautiful You Boutique. The first time I checked this place out, I was taken aback by the friendly service. When we walked into the boutique, we were offered free water bottles and told that we should ask them for a special price on any item we were interested in (A thrift queen’s dream) Notable items included a pink tulle skirt, circa Sex and The City, and a beautiful section of neck scarves.

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